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Encounter Groups

Let’s imagine reading the Bible together
and sharing what we see along the way! Dream a bit . . .


What if we each discovered that:

•    We can make NEW discoveries and see God’s Story in a new way?

•    Those realizations start to paint a CLEARER picture of who God is?

•    Each member’s sharing in the group depicts a RICHER drama of God at work?

Newer . . Clearer . . Richer

Now you’re getting the vision of our 2023 book club-type reading and discussion groups. We’ll be exploring the NT using the Immerse Bible book “Messiah” in our church-wide experience for 8 weeks starting in January.  This is your invitation to Encounter God and others in a new way! Get your Messiah book now.  

Get Started Today

Step 1          GET YOUR BOOK

You can order from any of the vendors below or call the church office and Pastor Dave can help you get a copy.  

To order a book from Tyndale Publishers, click here.

To order a large print book from Tyndale Publishers, click here.

To order from Amazon, click here.

To order from Christian Discount Books, click here.

A FREE audio version is available here.  This site also includes free video introductions to the readings.

A FREE version for FAMILIES is here.

Join a Group


You can sign up for a group at the church building


register using the form below and you will be contacted with more information about the group.

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