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Palm Sunday

As Jesus enters Jerusalem in fulfillment of His mission, the people erupt in praise, just as the prophet foretold!   

Matthew 21:1-11

Since Jesus foretold being rejected, we might be surprised to see a joyous celebration when He enters the city.

What do you think might be moving this large crowd to welcome Jesus with such extravagant warmth?


Earlier, Mary had anointed Jesus with perfume in a similar act of extravagance.

John 12:1-11

Picture the scene: Lazarus reclines at the table with Jesus, and Mary pours expensive  perfume on Jesus' feet. What do you see pouring out of Mary as she pours out the perfume?


The agony of His impending death weighs heavy in His words of prayer...

John 12:23-33

What would you expect Jesus to request as He faces the cross? What do you hear in the Father's response?


Jesus' suffering starts - not with bearing the cross, but with sharing the bread.

John 13:18-30

What would it be like to share a meal with a friend who you knew was going to turn on you?


Besides a meal together, Jesus gives His disciples even more to remember the night.

John 13:1-11

Jesus, who had given so much, now faces the suffering before Him...alone.

Share how you think it was for Jesus to be abandoned by those He had loved so fully.


They abused and mocked the King of Glory

Matthew 27:26-35

and watched Him suffer and die.

Matthew 27:45-50

Jesus let Himself be crucified and willingly gave up His spirit. But if He "knew that the Father had put all things under His power", why would He allow this to happen to Him?


Two "secret" disciples emerge to lay Jesus' body to rest before the Sabbath.

John 19:38-42

I wonder what Jesus would say to some men who did not publicly follow Him when He was alive, but came forward to care for His body after He had died. What do you think?

Easter Sunday

After the crushing grief of the crucifixion, two women are shook by the appearance of an angel...and then filled with joy at seeing the Risen Jesus!

Matthew 28:1-10

Jesus' message: "I'll see ya back home."

Go to Galilee. Just when it seemed life was over...

How can they get going again after their whole world has been turned upside down?

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