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Discover Your Next Step


Ask God to calm your heart. This is not a guilt or stress test. Remember you are His child.


Answer the 12 questions below.


Score your answers.


Determine which area you want to focus on.


Use the chart to plan your next step.

Assign a number, between 1 and 6, to each of the statements below.
  1. I consider myself highly motivated to grow spiritually.
  2. I can name several Christian friends who know my personal story and to whom I would go to for support.
  3. I have a heart for service and helping others in practical ways.
  4. If I were playing Jeopardy, I'd ace the Bible category.
  5. It's not unusual for other Christians to confide in me or ask me for advice.
  6. I'm not in a busy season and new time commitments are easy for me to make.
  7. Much of my prayer focus is praying for others. 
  8. Jesus and I get upset about the same things.
  9. By looking at how I've spent my time in the last month, it is evident that developing a heart like Jesus is very important to me.
  10. As I review the last 3 months, I can think of 3 people who have helped me grow spiritually.
  11. As I review the last 3 months, I can think of 3 specific interactions with people who I might have helped grow spiritually.
  12. Today, my walk with God is stronger than it's been in the past.


Not True


A Little True





Mostly True


Almost Always True


Very True

Next, add up the sums as directed below.

Make A Map

This section involves how likely you are to make a plan to grow spiritually and follow-thru on it.

Add the number answer you gave to questions 1, 6 and 9.

A low number may indicate a need for help staying motivated.

Join A Team

This section involves your connection to others. Isolation can lead to apathy.

Add the number answer you gave to questions 2, 5 and 10.

A low number may indicate a need to enhance your relationships within the body.

Learn His Ways

This section involves your Biblical understanding and knowledge. Both are critical.

Add the number answer you gave to questions 4, 8 and 12.

A low number may indicate a need to learn more about Jesus and His ways.

Help Others

This section involves your ability to see beyond your own needs to the needs of others.

Add the number answer you gave to questions 3. 7 and 11.

A low number may indicate a need for more others-focused energy.

Scoring Guide

3-7       Commuting by bicycle

8-11     Plodding by tractor

12-16   Speeding in a Camero

*A great tool to help you on your spiritual journey are Spiritual Gifts.

My Map/Plan of Action

Your 1st Step: Is there an obvious action you've been putting off that you need to take?
Confess Jesus as your Savior?            Discuss baptism with someone?
Have a healing conversation with another party?

Stop! Take action now!

You've just discovered your next step...

Take it!

Make A Map         

 Making a map not only provides a sense of direction, but helps one stay motivated. If you scored low in this area then:

Detail Your Plan

Share it with a Trusted Friend

Ask Them to Pray

Fix a Date to Review it with Them

Launch Your Plan

Learn His Ways

 If you scored low in this area, choose an option:

Option 1: Dig In!

  • Take notes on every sermon

  • Choose one thing to investigate about the sermon

  • Engage in WBC's Grow Electives

Sept 8 - Oct 13

Jan 12 - Feb 16

Apr 19 - May 24

Choose a RightNow Media Bible  study course. On the left side of  your RightNow Media homepage, under libraries, click Warren Baptist Church to see our recommended series by topic. Don't have an account...?

Option 2: Self Study

Enroll in Pastor Randy's Grow Elective "Breathing Deeply - Experiencing the Words of God"

Sundays at 9:30am

September 8 - October 13

Option 3: Intensive

Join A Team

 If you scored low in this area, choose an option:

God is at work in this church - join a team to see Him up close and personal.

Join a Ministry Team

Participate in 2 fellowship events within the next 2 can do it!

Just invite someone over or out - do it twice in the next two months...that's it.

Then see how God uses it to bless you.

Take the 2x2 Challenge 

Help Others

 If you scored low in this area, choose an option:

  1. Do an act of kindness to a stranger.

  2. Afterward, write out your answers these questions:

   3. Repeat for 3 weeks, then shore your experience           with a friend over coffee.​​

What did you do​?

How was it received?

What did you experience?

What did God teach you?

Kindness Boot Camp

The Job Squad helps identify ways to serve those in your neighborhood community.

Contact Pastor Dave for more information and to join the squad!

Join Pastor Dave's Job Squad

Got questions?

Call the church office and ask for one of the Pastors.
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