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Randy Thomas, Pastor

Experienced, gifted, and energetic - three adjectives which might be used to describe Randy.  He is also hopeful, creative, and fun.  He's worn a variety of hats as a pastor - from Youth Pastor to Mercy Pastor to Court Chaplain to church planter.  He has a degree in Bible from Oklahoma Christian and a MA in Biblical Counseling.  But perhaps the most important thing about Randy is he loves the Lord and loves mobilizing people to serve Him.  

He, and his wife, Kathy have been married for over 46 years and have three adult children.  As a hobby, Randy plays the baritone ukulele and a fairly mean Irish Whistle.  



David Pereira,

equipping Pastor 

That first summer home from college gave David Pereira opportunities to grasp the grace of the Gospel as never before.  He returned to Cal Poly, SLO, with a hunger for God’s word where he grew in ministry among a small group of believers.  After church-planting briefly in Alaska, he finished his bachelors at Oregon State while serving in a local college group ministry.  His longing to grow as a teacher drew him to Colorado where he got two graduate theological degrees and met a girl from Montana!  Joyce and David were married and established a home in Denver in 1999.


With common OSU backgrounds, they vacationed in NW Oregon one Summer and learned of a new position serving families and youth along the Columbia River.  So, after a decade in public housing and government relations, David began full-time ministry as an Associate Pastor at WBC in 2002.  His current focus is helping equip people to pursue spiritual growth through personal study, small group discussions and community outreach ministries.


David stays active playing racquetball, enjoying good coffee shops and looking for a nice kite-flying breeze.  He and Joyce enjoy the coast often as they can.

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