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Family Ministry

Our Family Team has made it their mission to help pass faith to the next generation...

They've continued to do this through various kid's classes to build our children faith and knowledge, as well as hosting many events to build fellowship among our church families.

-Kid's Classes-

1st - 3rd

Sunday, 10:15 AM

age 4 - Kindergarten

Sunday, 10:15 AM

Image by Michał Bożek

Sunday, 10:15 AM

Infant - age 2

Sunday, 10:15 AM

Children's Bible class is held every Sunday morning after the worship service, for children ages 2 through primary grades. Bring your kids with you as we begin our service together in the worship center and they will be dismissed to go downstairs from there.

Kid's Bible Study

Sunday, 11:15 AM 4th-6th Grade

A new bible class held after the worship service for students 4th through 6th grade. The class will encourage the kids to take notes during service. Then after will be led in exploring, discussing, and applying that day’s sermon.

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